Legal and financial advice

How often we get our financial advice from friends, podcasts and “experts” sharing tips in passing! But there are situations when a qualified professional advice can be considered priceless and saves a fortune.

Spanish fiscal laws are very different from those in Northern and Eastern Europe, not to mention America.  Therefore, the approach to wealth and tax planning should be advised only by experts in local and international regulations and law.

Better safe than sorry!

Our company has carefully selected its collaborators and partners taking into consideration their reputation and professional qualifications within legal and financial advisory. Together with them, we will be delighted to guide and safeguard your interests in a complex world of rules and legislation in Spain.  The need for a good, honest and sound advice, explaining our clients all available options, guiding them through the process with the best possible results is imperative to We focus on the most essential aspects of the matter at hand, eliminating any current issues on your behalf and potential future obstacles ahead, enabling to achieve more in every area:

  • Spanish tax planning,
  • wealth management, investments, bonds,
  • estates and succession,
  • portfolio management,
  • retirement planning in Spain,
  • SIPP or QROPS pensions,
  • Brexit proofing,
  • etc.