Maintaining properties

We live abroad or away from your vacation property, Spain Home offers servicing of property, where we provide our customers peace of mind to put your property in the hands of professionals. We are responsible to visit your property monthly / weekly, find the best professionals to make arrangements necessary for optimal conservation, cleaning before arrival or the arrival of their relatives. We have experience and personnel necessary to make life easier and not be concerned about your home in no time.

  • Best service
  • Personalised attention
  • Professional company
  • Safety of your home
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Integral Reforms

We collaborate with construction companies specialising in comprehensive home renovations. They take care of everything: your rooms, kitchen, bathroom and garage. They reform the floors, paint, installations, air conditioning and doors. They also carry out turnkey projects. To carry out the reform project of your home, t hey carry out a study with their interior design team, presenting some drawings so that you can see how your reform will look like before starting.

  • All kinds of works
  • Better quality
  • Certified companies
  • With trust and comfort
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We offer professional translation services (English-Russian/Russian-Spanish). If you deal with Russian-speaking clients, whether it is business negotiations, meetings with clients, participation in exhibitions, etc., you will certainly need the services of a professional translator with knowledge of Russian culture and familiarity with them. We know all the nuances of communication and will be a reliable assistant throughout your dealings with customers. Practice shows that the presence of an interpreter for business negotiations both in Spain and in Russia helps to significantly accelerate the process of resolving dilemmas.

  • All kinds of translations
  • Native translators only
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